Customer Stories

I love this bike more each time I ride it
I want to thank you again for making such a great bike available. The front suspension and spring-loaded seat make for a very comfortable ride, even over extremely rough ground
Arrived and assembled
What a fantastic ride
Beautiful DJ-Bikes electric bike
I am very happy with my purchase
It’s perfect for hauling the gear I need
It’s perfect for hauling the gear I need and handles the terrain well, including steep, sandy hills
Super Bike out in the little town.
Super Bike out in the little town
2 LEDs made for a pretty cool shot.
Middle of the woods and 2 LEDs made for a pretty cool shot.
Charging my DJ ebike
Charging my DJ ebike using the battery I charged with the solar panels and inverter I am about to install on a travel trailer
So thrilled to hear from one of our valued customers
At a little over 900 miles so far, it still works great. I ride about 80% pavement and 20% dirt, and it still amazes me how well the bike does on both types of surfaces
I’m 70 years old and have a Puggle on the road
I now have over 400 miles on my folding step through DJ eBike. I am having an absolute blast with this bike!
5 Stars for our age group!
We love your bikes and will even more when the pedal assist issue is fixed. We have submitted a 5 star review to Amazon. Can't wait to tell more of our friends about the bike. For people our age the assist must be more gradual!
This is an ebike going Above and Beyond!
As a professional working at Microsoft living in the Seattle/Bellevue area, I need a powerful and convenient ebike to replace my daily commuting vehicle. My wife and I have decided to buy this DJ Folding Bike as an early adopter. Although we are still in decent physical shapes, we haven’t had using an ebike to commute before and wonder if bike riding for long distances is something we can enjoy.
Back to exercise for the first time in 7 years again.
Greg Kellerman from St Louis, MO rates his first 7.5 miles ride a fantastic experience. Takes hills like a champ. A nice gentle push when needed. Great for older people and persons with arthritis or other leg injuries.