Electric Bikes during social distancing

By Daniel Yang
on May 23, 2020

A few months ago, you probably did not know the phrase, but “social distancing” is now one of the most commonly used phrases in the world. Medical experts, for the past few months, have stressed the importance of social distancing in slowing the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 virus. Cities round the world have been in total lockdown, with companies now allowing their employees to work remotely from home. To flatten the curve, medical experts advise we go out only for groceries, medical needs, essential requirements and for exercise. The message has been resoundingly clear, we need to keep at least 2 metres (6ft) from each other.

It’s a good thing however, that Electric Bikes have not been banned anywhere, and it provides a useful and reliable cost-effective means of transportation. Electric Bikes will surely come in handy with trips to the grocery and drug stores, or other essential needs. While the global pandemic has resulted in a sharp decline of gas pump prices, it is still not free. You have to pay to put gas in your car. Electric Bikes, in harsh economic times like this, is a cheaper way to travel, especially for very short distances. Can you imagine how much savings you will achieve if cut down on your gas purchases for your car, (and probably pay less for car insurance), if you switch to Electric Bikes? The answer is an affordable (i.e. inexpensive) Electric Bike, like the ones manufactured by DJ Bikes.


These are truly tough times for everyone. Governments, organizations, frontline health care workers (who are doing a terrific job by the way!!), and you reading this. The truth is in a global pandemic, everyone feels the brutal impact and it can surely be devastating. Your body, however, does not need to feel the brunt of the current harsh realities. You need your body to stay healthy, sharp and alert. How can this be done when all gyms are shut down? And even when you go out for exercise, you still have to maintain the 6 metres physical distance from everyone else. If you are a fitness enthusiast, and you seriously need to burn all those calories or maintain the 10,000 steps every day, or if you are glued to your computer screen these days because you work from home, and you have that feeling that you surely need to do more exercise, then you might want to consider the array of excellent products DJ Bikes manufactures.

So perhaps you are now considering buying one of those cool Electric Bikes. You are now probably wondering if we can still ship to you? Well, oh yes, we have not stopped shipping bikes. We are just like almost everyone else these days, as we too work from the comfort of our homes. This does not affect our efficiency or determination to go above and beyond to satisfy our ever-increasing customer base. Should you decide to buy our bikes, and are thinking how you are going to assemble the bike, since many shops (including bike shops) are closed currently? You need not worry, all the bikes manufactured by DJ Bikes are designed for you to assemble by yourself. You only need to have the proper tools and yes, the confidence, if it is your first time.

What is Direct-to-Customer Price? How about Quality and Service?

By Daniel Yang
on March 29, 2018

What is Direct-to-Customer Price? How about Quality and Service?

What is the direct-to-customer price?

You soon will realize that DJ Bikes offers about half the price comparing with other electric bikes with similar specifications and performance at local stores or on the internet because we are the only entity between the manufacturer and customers. There is no distribution layer, retail markup or high price tag. We offer you the direct-to-customer price and want to empower you to bypass multiple layers of distribution channels to get affordable electric bikes. 

Then how about the quality control and service?

DJ Bikes designs, builds, quality checks, imports own bikes and provides full service to our customers. We understand that it will take a great service to keep your bikes running well. The owner Daniel and Jolin will be the person picking up your phones and answering your sales and technical inquiries with full knowledge and passion about the bikes and own DJ Bikes brand.

DJ Bikes has just won the title of "Amazon's Choice for Electric Bicycle". There is only ONE electric bike out of the Amazon marketplace can be awarded based on the received rating, customer reviews, and price. It is an honor to share with all our customers. 

Why You Need An Electric Bike?

By Daniel Yang
on March 29, 2018

It is not a secret that cycling makes you fitter. Research shows that it also sharpens your thinking and melts away stress. But while attitudes toward cycling are changing, so are bikes themselves.

Electronic bicycles, also known as e-bikes are seriously making a major impression. While they look like normal two-wheelers, they have a built-in electric motor for propulsion, some kick in with pedaling and others have engines where you can thumb the throttle.

So, you’re wondering, if the bike is doing the work, where’s the exercise? Well, the trick to making your e-bike a fitness tool is to use the motor just enough to keep going. Cycle until you’re either wiped out or you hit a steep hill, and then rev the engine for that extra Oomph.

Now this is where DJ Bikes comes in, a stylish, friendly, personable and warm Canadian brand run by its owners Daniel and his wife Jolin. I have conversed with the owner Daniel and I can truly attest to him being so warm and friendly with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and genuine care for his customers and brand. People really love talking to Daniel because of he himself serves DJ Bike’s customers and has a passion for his brand/products.

D and J have mastered the true nature and craft of this business, having ridden bikes and played sports all their lives. They also have 15 years of international consulting and technical experience which led to the birth of DJ Bikes with the passion to make eco-friendly, high-quality and economical products really shining through with their brand.

Both Mountain and City electric bikes have a sophisticated and luxurious feel out and determined to serve commuters. The bikes equip powerful 500W motor and 48V/13Ah battery coming with strong, lightweight, sporty aluminum frame and high-quality mainstream components. They are economical, fast, silent and fun to ride. They’ve got a lithium-ion battery which can be charged on the bike, or easily removed for storage or charging in your home, office, or on the go.

What’s more? DJ Bikes offers price-for-everyone bikes with only $1399. I have searched over the internet and can not find anything to beat this price with the same or similar specifications. Daniel told me that his passion is to have everyone to be able to afford an electric bike despite of age, sex, ethical background and body shape. After all, we all can share joys of riding bikes. Daniel’s passion has been evidenced by excellent reviews on Amazon.

“My wife just got this ebike and absolutely loves it! Very sturdy and well built — it has the more powerful 48V motor and large battery. I have a mountain bike version of this, but she wanted a step-through frame. If you never have ridden an ebike, they are amazing. We are in our 60’s and these bikes allow us to ride farther and more easily than a regular bike. You can select the amount of electric assist the bike provides — from 0 assist to completely running on electric (no pedaling). Range is expected to be 25 to 40+ miles per charge, depending on the assist level. I have about 25 miles on my last charge (riding at assist level 1 & 2) and the battery still indicates it is 3/4 charged. So they deliver.

I actually bought this bike on ebay, but the vendor uses Amazon to sell the same bike. Our bike did arrive with some shipping damage (broken King meter), but I contacted Daniel Yang, the vendor, and he shipped me a replacement meter. He was a great guy to work with and stood behind his product. I spoke with him several times and he wanted to be sure we were satisfied. Only had the bike a short time, but so far everything is great! My wife and I are looking forward to having many long bike rides together!”     – Reviewed by MarkE:

“Love this bike. It is just what I needed to be able to ride with my husband again after knee issues. Well built and I have received more than one compliment when others see it. The weight of the bike with battery is 63lbs but it’s still manageable if I have to walk it. The headlight would not come on but the retailer has been very good with communication and is sending a new one. I was skeptical about ordering something this expensive sight unseen but have been pleasantly surprised by the overall experience.”  – Another review by Linda 

The pictures of the bikes say it all. If you’re looking for a gas free zero emissions e-bike that will also make you smile more, get a DJ Bikes! Talk to Daniel. I am sure he will make it happen.

Originated from qsfashionandstyle.com.

How Can I Choose My Battery?

By Daniel Yang
on March 23, 2017

urban ryder addmotors lunacycle

The battery pack of your ebike is the most important component, so it would be better to know what you are paying for and how your ebike will perform before making a purchase.

There are many questions being asked about the Ebike Batteries. In summary, users would like to know...

  • Power: How Powerful is it?
  • Voltage: What Voltage of battery should I purchase?
  • Safety: What Certifications should a lithium battery have?
  • Life Span: How Long does the battery last?



Speaking of power, we need to understand the math behind it. The unit Watt-hour (Wh) is the power rating of your Ebike Battery. The battery determines how long your bike will go. So how does the motor relate to your battery? Let me give you 2 examples.

1. If you own an Ebike with a 250 watt motor and a 250 watt-hours (Wh) battery. The battery will last you an hour (250/250) at full throttle. However, the low 250 Wh battery can not give you too much assist. 

2. If you upgrade your Ebike with a 500 watt motor and a 625 watt-hours (Wh) battery. At full throttle, the battery will last 1.25 (625/500) hour, and you will be given twice as much boost as you get from the 250 watt motor.

Therefore, a high watt-hours battery gives you a longer range and comes with a higher price.



In general, you want to choose a higher amp battery over a lower amp battery. You will not damage your controller with a high amperage battery. However, picking the wrong voltage battery is the only thing that could do serious damage to your ebike motor and controller. Get the voltage right and you can’t go wrong with the rest.



A lithium battery in the US and Canada is considered as HazMat ( Hazardous Material) and usually requires to be certified to be able to travel safely. The HazMat certification is UN38.3 governed by United Nations.

Beside that all lithium batteries need to pass a series of physical and electrical tests to endorse the battery performance. These tests include Cell Balancing , Over-Discharge & Over-Current Protection, Free Fall and Temperature tests.

A lithium battery charger also needs to be UL certified to comply with the US quality standard. I have seen many no-name chargers without any certification at the market.

I would also want to introduce you another ebike component. A speed controller limits the top speed of your pedal assisted ebike. In the US and Canada, electric bikes must not employ motor assistance at speeds over 20 miles/h and 32 km/h on level ground. Therefore, I can say that your ebike is safe to ride with the speed controller.


Life Span

We suggest going for a good brand battery such as Samsung and Panasonic Lithium Battery which would last longer in a number of charge cycles. These good brand batteries would usually have the lifespan of 500+ charge cycles.  If you are a frequent bike rider then the battery can last about 2 - 3 years.

Here is the list of tips we would recommend you to do to extend your ebike battery lifespan.

  • Always turn your battery key “OFF” after each use.
  • Charge the battery frequently. If possible, before using 50% of the power.
  • When starting from a dead stop, use the pedals to bring the bike up to speed.
  • When riding uphill or against the wind, pedal to supplement the battery power.
  • Avoid riding your bike in heavy rainstorms, thundershowers or extreme weather conditions.
  • Store your battery in a location with a temperature above 50°F/10°C.


Why Go Electric Bicycles?

By Daniel Yang
on March 21, 2017

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We all love bikes and have some kinds of bikes in our life. From three-wheelers, road racing, track racing, touring, commuting to mountain biking, we just love bicycles and wish to ride them for fun and exercise.

If you have been worrying about hilly cities, steep ramps, extended commutes, knee or joint pain to prevent you from enjoying cycling, then an electric bike can be a great transportation option for you, including seniors and those with physical restrictions who might still like regular and casual cycling excursions.

The concept of the electric bike is that it is pedal assisted. When you are actively pedaling, it will provide assistance when you need it. The motor will detect when you are working harder, like when riding up a hill or into the wind, and automatically deliver enough power to offset the extra energy that would normally come from you. You have the option of activating this feature to be on standby or disable it completely if you decide to go it alone.

City commuters will enjoy having an option of employing supplemental power when tired or sore or on the way back from the office, as well as the luxury of avoiding heavy city traffic and costly parking fees/tickets.

No matter what your abilities entail, an electric bicycle offers a fun way to get in exercise, get around, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite city. It is a gas-free, environmentally friendly products which will save your gas money in a long run.

Come ride with us.