By Pearl Loewen
on January 14, 2021


Ever wished you could bring your pet on your e-bike ride? Now you can! DJ Bikes is pleased to announce its new partnership with Buddyrider, a Canadian company that sells easy-to-install bike seats for small dogs and cats  (https://buddyrider.com in the U.S.; https://buddyrider.ca in Canada).
You can buy your small pet seat directly from DJ Bikes
(https://dj-ebikes.com/.../buddyrider-bicycle-pet-seat-and...) and double your e-bike riding fun! Share your own photos (please), and let's build some momentum! 😺

Classifications of electric bikes in the U.S.

By Pearl Loewen
on January 11, 2021

Classifications of electric bikes in the U.S.

Electric bikes in the U.S. are classified at the state level, as there is a lck of federal regulation. This leads to confusion on behalf of e-bike riders, retailers and suppliers - outdated classifications at best, and no regular at worst.

The three-class system was introduced about five years ago, based on speed, wattage and operation.

Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed wherever regular bikes are allowed. More specifically:

Class 1: an e-bike with pedal assist; no throttle; maximum assisted speed of 20 MPH

Class 2: an e-bike with throttle assist; maximum assisted speed of 20 MPH

Class 3: an e-bike with pedal assist; no throttle; maximum assisted speed of 28 MPH

Note that all classes limit the motor's power to 750W.

Check on your state's website for its regulations on e-bikes, and support a national, non-profit advocacy organization like People for Bikes who are working for a more consistent classification system in the U.S. To learn more about where electric bikes can be ridden in the United States, visit https://www.peopleforbikes.org/.


By Pearl Loewen
on January 09, 2021


In addition to your local bike store, we are pleased to partner with and recommend velofix as an option for your e-bike assembly and repair. velofix is a mobile bike shop, with locations throughout Canada and the U.S. They come to you - for all your assembly, repair, and tune-up needs.

Locally Owned

Every velofix Mobile Bike Shop is locally owned and operated by residents within those communities. velofix is simply the mobile version of the local bike shop!

Easy Online Booking

Simply enter your postal code, select your service and book at a location most convenient for you. Your local velofix mechanic will get in touch to confirm any specifics about the service, if required.

Certified Mechanics

All velofix mechanics are required to complete a certification course that ensures they are experts in their field and qualified to fix and service all types of bikes.

While some bike shops don't work with electric bikes, or don't work with electric bikes that aren't their own brand, velofix LOVES any and all e-bikes.

Visit velofix at https://www.velofix.com/ to find a bike shop in your neighbourhood.

DJ Bikes' holiday hours

By Pearl Loewen
on December 16, 2020

Go, Santa, go!

Hello, and Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers. We will be closing for a couple of days to allow our hard-working elves to rest and enjoy some festive cheer. Our holiday hours are:

Thursday, December 24th

8:00 am – noon Mountain Time

Friday, December 25th

Closed (Christmas Day)

Monday, December 28th

Closed (in lieu of Boxing Day)

Thursday, December 31st

8:00 am – noon Mountain Time

Friday, January 1st

Closed (New Year's Day)

For our friendly American friends, Boxing Day is the equivalent of your "Black Friday," i.e. a shopping frenzy. Al tells me Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a gift from their employer. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give gifts to their families.

Delayed shipments of e-bikes

By Pearl Loewen
on December 15, 2020

Delayed shipments of e-bikes

It's been a year of delays for shipping due to COVID, and now add in Christmas and a frenzy of on-line shopping. The courier companies we work with are all reporting significant delays, and deliveries before Christmas are not likely.

We appreciate your business, and apologize for these delays that are out of our hands. And we wish you all a very merry holiday season!

Winterizing your e-bike

By Pearl Loewen
on December 10, 2020

Winterizing your e-bike

We hope you live in a place that is far warmer than we are in snowy Calgary, Canada! For those who ride their bikes less often in the winter or perhaps not at all, here are our top seven tips for winterizing your e-bike:

  1. Your battery is the most vulnerable part of your e-bike. If you are driving it in colder temperatures, charge your battery more often, and never charge it when it is below freezing (0o C/32oF)
  2. For an elongated battery life, store your battery at 40% battery level. Never store your battery at full charge, nor drained. The recommended range of temperature for storage is between 5oC and 20oC (40-70o F)
  3. When storing your bike, keep it dry and protected from the elements
  4. When riding in winter conditions, wash your bike off immediately after you have been out on salt or chemically treated roads
  5. Lower your seat so that you can more easily catch yourself when sliding on ice
  6. “Fenders are your friend!” Save your clothing and gear by ensuring your fenders are properly installed and secure
  7. When riding on poor road or trail conditions, slow down. Protect yourself and others

Stay warm, and ride safely!

DJ Bikes announces its new Customer Referral Program! Ride, refer, and save!

By Pearl Loewen
on December 03, 2020

DJ Bikes announces its new Customer Referral Program! Ride, refer, and save!

DJ Bikes is excited and proud to announce its new Customer Referral Program! You have been patiently waiting for this initiative.
The background is that we wondered how to invest our marketing budget and couldn’t get past our passion for our customers. Our desire and goal are to share the success of DJ Bikes. So, we decided to build a referral program that has an immediate benefit to our loyal customer base. Win-win!
The Referral Program allows you to share your riding experience while getting rewarded. Your referrals, whether to family, friends, or strangers on the bike path, will receive a 5% discount off their order, while you will receive 5% coupon of their purchase value as your reward. If you are a DJ Bikes owner, then you can redeem the coupon as a cash back!
Click below for details. Your feedback is welcome!

E-bike etiquette

By Pearl Loewen
on November 26, 2020

E-bike etiquette

Here are our top 10 friendly reminders on electric bike etiquette and safety:

  1. Remember that you are riding an ebike, not a motorcycle! Follow the rules of the road that non-ebikes are subject to, like hand signals when turning, yielding to pedestrians, etc. Do not ride on sidewalks!
  2. Be familiar with local speed limits and other laws that apply specifically to ebikes, and abide by them.
  3. You are an ambassador for ebikes. That means you want to positively represent yourself and the industry by being extra courteous to non-ebike riders. You are aiming for looks of envy, not anger!
  4. Do not pass other bikes, electric or otherwise, unless you can do so safely and without inconveniencing them. Offer a smile and friendly word when passing (“passing on your left… thank you!”).
  5. Be careful around motorized vehicles. They may not be expecting you to be faster than a pedal bike. Watch for car doors opening in your path.
  6. Be seen! Use lights, reflectors, etc. to make sure you are visible.
  7. Use consideration in parking your bike, keeping clear of other bikes, vehicles, pedestrians, etc. Lock your bike and battery.
  8. Avoid distracted riding! Keep your phone in your pocket, bike bag, etc. Remember that your DJ Bike battery has a USB port allowing you to charge your phone while riding.
  9. Ride with a buddy, and always have your phone (and charger) with you (while still obeying rule 8!).
  10. Always wear a helmet. It's the cool and safe thing to do.

Be safe; be seen; be courteous. And have fun while you’re at it!

E-bike rebates?

By Pearl Loewen
on November 10, 2020

E-bike rebates?

A growing trend when it comes to green initiatives is electric bike rebates. Some states offer them, and the province of British Columbia in Canada does too (https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/b-c-rolls-out-higher-rebates-for-e-bikes-1.5042182). Their popularity can be evidenced by a short-lived initiative in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The city rolled out an e-bike rebate program with a $50,000 (CDN) budget. The response was overwhelming, with the money used up in weeks. A mere 83 people received rebates. Further, the plan was scrapped for 2021-22, citing COVID-related budget restrictions.

What can you do if your city, province, or state does not offer rebates for green initiatives such as e-bike rebates? Lobby them! Write your representative, and ask them to put forward a motion.

One final caution: read the fine print. Some jurisdictions require that the bike be purchased locally.

Please blog a response if you’ve been successful in receiving a rebate – let’s build some momentum!

Cadence v. Torque sensors

By Pearl Loewen
on November 05, 2020

Cadence sensor

A commonly asked question is, “What kind of sensor does a DJ bike have?” In other words, “How does my ebike know when to help me pedal?”

Electric bikes come with one of two pedal assist sensors: one called “Cadence” measures if you are pedaling, and the other called “Torque” measures how hard you are pedaling.

How does a Candence sensor work? A basic sensor works like a switch, and uses a magnet on the crank. It turns the motor ON when you start pedaling, and OFF when you stop. You control the level and speed by adjusting the assist mode up and down manually.

Most e-bikes offer a cadence pedal sensor, including all DJ Bikes. The main advantage of this sensor is that it is less expensive.

How does a torque sensor work? Torque sensors have a more advanced technology, using a precision strain gauge. It measures the actual force on the pedal, i.e. how hard you are pedaling to determine how much electric power to push to the bike. The harder you pedal, the more power goes to the motor, and the adjustments are made in real time.

Many higher-end e-bikes use torque sensors. The primary disadvantage is a significantly higher cost to the bike, as the precision component costs more.
By combining its cadence sensor with a throttle, DJ Bikes will give you all the options you need to power up for your terrain.