New DJ Bike vendor in Edmonton, Canada

New DJ Bike vendor in Edmonton, Canada

We are happy to announce that DJ Bikes now has a vendor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, called Cadrayty Ebikes, affectionately named after the owners' three amazing grandchildren.

The new vendors, Denise and Jim Samenook, are a couple who recently retired after 40+ years in the working world, and are now taking advantage of the things they enjoy, such as exploring and playing in the great outdoors, RV’ing, camping, visiting with old and new friends, walking, sightseeing, and touring areas of Canada not yet explored.

In summer 2021, Denise and Jim noticed people using electric bikes and thought ebiking might useful in their sightseeing and enjoyment of the outdoors. Denise found DJ Bikes online, and it did not take long for them to make the decision to choose this brand and style of bike. Not only did Denise and Jim buy two ebikes, but they have since bought five more for friends and family. Noticing their buying activity, DJ Bikes contacted the Samenooks, and the rest, as they say, is history. It is a happy coincidence that their names align with the DJ of DJ Bikes!

Denise and Jim look forward to the times ahead and can't wait for spring! They will take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy their electric bikes and to promote DJ Bikes in their neck of the woods. Look for them on-line (TBA), and at upcoming RV shows in central Alberta in the New Year.

Congratulations, Denise and Jim!