Used Bikes

Yes, DJ Bikes is selling used bikes!  We price used bikes fairly. You can expect that the prices of used bikes are about 20% to 50% off from the regular price. Used bikes with 20% off are 0- 50 mileage recorded and have no/minor scratches on the frame.

All used bikes from DJ Bikes have gone through the rectified process including.

  • Fully inspect the mechanical and electrical parts of bikes to ensure all the parts work properly.
  • Repackage & rewrap bikes to ensure the bikes are protected during the shipping process.
  • Clean up tires and frame, so you should have a clean look bike.
  • Recharge the ebike battery and make sure the power is not drained.
  • Make sure that all parts and accessories are included.

All used bikes will have a 1-year warranty to make sure that your purchase is protected. Because they are used bikes, you should expect...

  • Some scratches & dents on the frame.
  • Some mileage recorded in the meter.
  • Tires might have minor wear off.
  • Some parts might need to be replaced.

The table shown below illustrates how we price used bikes. 

 Condition Inspection Report Discount Price Manufacturer Warranty
Like New
  • 0 – 50 mileage recorded
  • No/very few scratches found
  • All parts work perfectly
  • Original package
$1199 USD 1-year warranty covering parts and services
  • 50 – 500 mileage recorded
  • Few scratches found
  • Tires have minor worn off
  • All parts work perfectly
  • Repackaging might be required
$999 USD 1-year warranty covering parts and services
Heavily Used
  • 500 and above mileage recorded
  • Some scratches and dents found
  • Tires have worn off
  • All parts work, but expect some minor issues
  • Repackaging might be required
$899 USD 1-year warranty covering parts and services