I am 67 years old, 5’ 9” and 260 lbs. I need to get more exercise

I am 67 years old, 5’ 9” and 260 lbs. I need to get more exercise – and a gym membership is out of the question [ I don’t need those 30 somethings staring and making comments behind my back].
So, I thought, how about an e bike.
After extensive research I narrowed my choices down and decided on DJ Bikes. They had what I was looking for and the owner/manager Daniel was very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions and dispelled any concerns I might have had about buying an e bike.
I opted for the folding model – my thought was – I could take it in the car when I go away on weekend trips and have an alternate way of getting around.
It arrived last Thursday. I decided to have the local bike shop assemble the bike – I’m sure I could have done it - but I thought – why not support my local business.
“No, he didn’t. He doesn’t have a clue about mechanical things. I’m not sure he could change a lightbulb” (wife)
Well, I picked it up just after noon on Saturday and somewhat nervously set off down the road at a leisurely 6 km per hour in Mode 1. So far, so good. By 2:00 o’clock I was getting ‘cocky’ and was comfortable using all the modes (pedal assist is amazing). Top speed 32 km/per hour.
It is now Monday morning. I have had the bike a total of 2 days and have ridden 61 km (almost 40 miles). I’ve been having a blast. Nothing funnier than passing those ‘serious’ young bike riders on their café racers while ‘pedaling’ my little folding bike with the 20” wheels. And it’s a great conversation starter. At every stop I would get questions about my pocket-sized ride with the big fat tires.
So, if you are contemplating buying an e bike – I highly recommend it. And you won’t go wrong if you choose to buy from DJ Bikes. - by Brian Symington