A great DJ Bikes story

As a professional working at Microsoft living in the Seattle/Bellevue area, I need a powerful and convenient ebike to replace my daily commuting vehicle. My wife and I have decided to buy this DJ Folding Bike as an early adopter. Although we are still in decent physical shapes, we haven’t had using an ebike to commute before and wonder if bike riding for long distances is something we can enjoy.
I have had these now for a couple of weeks and I LOVE it!! This folding bike is well built, easy to ride, comfortable and put tons of fun into bike riding. The initial assembly took me about 30 minutes, very simple and straightforward. The 750w motor is powerful enough to conquer all the hilly and rainy roads at my area. Once I arrive to my office, I can fold the bike and take it with me to the office, so I will not worry about any bike theft/sabotage. We now think nothing of going for a longer ride on a sunny day. The battery lasts a long time and we are finding that even after 40 km we still come home with 3/4 battery life remaining as long as I pedal with the pedal assist well. Overall, it is an ebike going above and beyond. We are very satisfied about the performance and reliability."
By Eric L from Seattle