Its performance over these miles has been flawless.

Its performance over these miles has been flawless.

I purchased from DJ Bikes a DJ Mountain Bike in November 2019. I have since ridden the bike for 300 miles. Its performance over these miles has been flawless. This bike is pure joy to ride. It handles beautifully, very responsive. I ride the bike in pedal assist mode 2 or 3 most of the time, which has allowed me to ride the bike for a 30 mile ride on a single charge with some battery reserve still remaining. It is just amazing how this bike conquers hills, moderately steep ones and long ones, like they don’t exist… like I’m a bionic man.

The DJ Mountain Bike is made of high quality, widely available, brand name components. So getting any replacement parts is not an issue. The Bafang, powerful 750 watt geared, brushless drive motor and lithium-ion battery pack using Samsung cells are excellent quality. These are as good as it gets. Bafang is the largest bicycle electric motor manufacturer in China and maybe even in the world. Check out the Bafang Youtube videos, this is a state of the art manufacturing facility.

About cadence versus torque pedal assist… the DJ Mountain Bike has cadence pedal assist with the addition of a throttle control. In my opinion this arrangement is ideal. Cadence pedal assist type bikes offer considerably less stress to drive train components like sprockets, chain and shifting derailleur compared to torque pedal assist bikes. Torque pedal assist bikes are typically mid drive pedal assist bikes, which place significant additional stress to bike drive train components causing them to wear out more rapidly compared to cadence pedal assist bikes, like the DJ Mountain Bike. In my opinion this difference is significant.

Some say, “Yeah, but torque pedal assist is more responsive than cadence pedal assist”. What they’re talking about is that there is a tiny amount of lag in pedal assist with cadence type bikes, whereas torque assist bikes provide more immediate pedal assist with comparatively little lag. While this is marginally true, in actuality in my experience with riding the DJ Mountain Bike, any purported advantage that torque assist has over cadence assist is practically insignificant and over-blown for the type of riding that I do. The torque pedal assist bikes often cost 2 to 3 times or more than the price of a DJ Mountain bike, so it’s a “no brainer” for me, I’d buy the DJ Mountain Bike again if I had to do it over.

I’ve ridden both cadence and torque pedal assist bikes. What I do not like about the torque bikes is that you always have to keep pushing with significant force on the pedals to get any pedal assist. With the DJ Mountain Bike with cadence pedal assist all you have to do is just keep the pedals moving with comparatively less force to get pedal assistance.

Many of these torque bikes also do not have a throttle control, which is a big disadvantage. The DJ Mountain Bike from a standing start, like at a busy street intersection or from an up-hill standing start, the slight lag with the cadence pedal assist is easily overcome by using the throttle control, which instantly gets you going in these trying situations. There is no lag with the throttle control on a DJ Mountain Bike. In these situations the torque pedal assist bikes are clearly inferior to the DJ Mountain Bike that has throttle control. You can also pedal while you use the throttle, so when you release the throttle there is zero lag with the DJ Mountain Bike cadence pedal assistance.

The DJ Mountain Bike is really a city cruiser that is perfect for paved and compacted crushed rock bike trails and paved streets that can also easily be ridden on some off-road, non-paved trails and paths that are not too challenging. It is not intended to be ridden on aggressive and taxing single track true mountain bike trails. Hey that’s okay with me, I find that this bike is perfect for me to ride the hundreds of miles of paved bicycle paths that exist where I live in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area. There are many hills on these paths and this bike just “flattens them out”, so that I can ride a 30+ mile trip and get a good workout, but not feel totally exhausted, just invigorated.

When I get 500 miles on this bike I’ll provide an update review.

- By the happy DJ Mountain Bike owner Michael Avy from Arkansas