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Complete Reliable Fun

My wife and I are in our mid 60’s and love all things outdoors. We do however have knee and hip issues so we bought DJ City Bikes last fall. What a Joy!

I was very excited about the way the bike performing
I am +50 and my knee is an issues, but I love biking so the solution for me was to buy an electric bike which will help me to claim the hills because of my knee , so it did excellent job , was very powerful to go up .By Miroslaw Bieganowski
I am 67 years old, 5’ 9” and 260 lbs. I need to get more exercise
and a gym membership is out of the question [ I don’t need those 30 somethings staring and making comments behind my back].
I really like the bike.
The bike is powerful and tops out at 30 kilometers per hour (about 20 mph).
The bikes did so awesome
The bikes did so awesome on the beach! Thought you'd like to know. 😎
This reasonably priced bike is a total blessing.
With the City Electric Bikes, we are now "APPREHENSION FREE" - it's amazing. 
I am very satisfied......
You know the Château Frontenac is the most photographic object in the world according to Guinness records 
I have been having so much fun with my DJ Bikes!
My leg strength and stamina continue to increase. Pretty good for a 70+ year old man!
Meet a new friend in nature!
Making friends and looking good while I do it
I had a lot of fun this summer on it and rode over 1,000 km
It brought it for joy and adventure. From my understanding, my father had ordered another e-bike from DJ bikes. Thanksgiving is going to be interesting. Lol.
We're back from Yellowknife.
Everyone stopped to look at the bikes. Several people took pictures. It was unbelievable how interested people were about them.
We have a pair of these.
They fold up flat enough to lay 2 of them in the bed of my pickup and still close the tonneau cover for security. Wonderful bikes for camping trips. We can ride many miles and see much more than we would otherwise.
Its performance over these miles has been flawless.
This bike is pure joy to ride. It handles beautifully, very responsive. I ride the bike in pedal assist mode 2 or 3 most of the time, which has allowed me to ride the bike for a 30 mile ride on a single charge with some battery reserve still remaining.
First spin.
Getting a feel for it before loading it with camera gear. Life is good!
Loving my DJ E-Bike!
Loving my DJ E-Bike!
With level 3 assist I get about 30 miles per charge, at least.
We plan to do more “off road”
So many beautiful places to choose from here at Lake Tahoe. And the air is so clean at 6300 feet.
The bike had arrived in great condition

Everything works well and my girlfriend really loves the bike

Hello fellow DJ owners!

 Loving my new bike and looking forward to staying in touch with ya’l

On the boardwalk
People asking about it like crazy. Just know you are getting a ton of visibility.
Thanks for the great bike we love it!"
Got my new bike today!

So worth the wait