Customer Stories

First camping trip
in July with our new bikes!
This was a cold and stormy night
and my DJ bike ate the snow like it was dinner
It was a great day to ride.
A  nice autumn ride
I now have over 400 miles
On my folding step through DJ eBike. I am having an absolute blast with this bike! I’m 70 years old I have a Puggle who’s name is LittleBrownDog and I often pull a trailer. I’ve had no real issues with the bike whatsoever other than simple adjustments and such. We run the bike on the road, on the sidewalk, and quite a bit on trails. - Jeff McConnell
I just wanted to thank you
I'm satisfied, and will recommend DJBikes to friends. Thanks again for your ongoing support. You have my permission to use this as a testimonial, if you desire.
1,600 miles ridden

1,600 miles ridden since mid-June and still going strong.

DJ Mountain Bike all loaded up
I love this bike, im 6'4 290 pounds, been riding this bike since January 2020...always a good ride
I really like the bike
The bike is powerful and tops out at 30 kilometers per hour (about 20 mph).
first 7.5 miles ride a fantastic experience
rates his first 7.5 miles ride a fantastic experience
I sure am enjoying my new Fat Bike
Way beyond my expectations, I have been on the trails every day, works perfect!
Fully equipped DJ Mountain Bike
With all the bells and whistles
My 2nd DJ Bike
Bike was so nice I bought it twice
beautiful upgrade to the DJ Fat Bikes 
my girlfriend really loves the bike.
Just wanted to let you know that the bike had arrived in great condition
Hello fellow DJ owners
Hello fellow DJ owners! I just got my new bike a couple of days ago and just found this group! I’m so glad we have our own group. I bought mine direct (no tax) and received it in 4 days!...
It might be my first day riding..
this beauty but isn't it a great(hot though)day to show it off, Is it? Eye catching, no doubt about it.
Super Bike
Showing off in my little town
pictures are better in black and white
pictures are better in black and white
1000 mile update
Had my City Bike since early January. And have just passed 1000 miles. I am 73, 6’2” and a “little” on the heavy side. Back surgery last year limited mobility for a while - hence the Ebike and a step...
Super vélo
Turn heads and several people stop us for Information .. !!! A really proud look .
A great DJ Bikes story
As a professional working at Microsoft living in the Seattle/Bellevue area, I need a powerful and convenient ebike to replace my daily commuting vehicle.