Mid Drive Fat Bike Key Features

DJ Mid Drive Fat Bike, mid drive electric bike maintenance-free Bafang mid drive motor

Maintenance-free Bafang geared brushless mid drive motor

"Maintenance-free, powerful maximum 160 Nm of torque, Bafang geared brushless mid drive motor for smooth acceleration. You can span more terrain, climb hills, and explore further with ease"

48V 13Ah battery and charger on the DJ Mid Drive Fat Bike, fat tire ebike

High quality Samsung or LG battery cells with UL compliant charger

"48V 13Ah high quality, long-lasting Samsung or LG battery cells with UL compliant chargers. USB port for your Smart phone! Twist the key and bring your battery in to charge"

DJ Bikes mid drive electric bike includes powered adjustable backlit LCD display

Adjustable backlit LCD display

"Adjustable, battery-less, backlit LCD display allows you to see your speed, distance, battery life and pedal assist level, etc. at a glance while riding"

DJ Bikes fat tire electric bike has 5 level pedal assist and easy thumb throttle

Pedal assist (3/5/9 levels) & thumb throttle

"3, 5 or 9 levels of pedal assist is an electric bike feature that puts the power of the motor right in your pedal stroke. The easy-to-access thumb throttle provides 750W of power on-demand"

Enjoy 26 inch puncture resistant fat tires on this mid drive ebike

Quality puncture resistant fat tires - 26"

"Long-lasting tires for a smooth, steady riding experience. The extra width is designed for off-road biking to give you more stability and control when riding on soft, unstable terrain"

An electric mid drive fat bike with comfortable quick release adjustable seat

Quick release shock absorbing comfortable adjustable seats

"Enjoy long rides with this height adjustable, padded seat"

Fat tire mid drive with fenders and all accessories as shown included in base price

 All accessories included, including front & rear fenders

"At DJ, you never pay more for accessories like fenders, bells, etc. Our prices include everything you see"

DJ Mid Drive Fat Bike, fat tire mid electric bike with preload adjustment suspension fork

Preload adjustment suspension fork

"The lockout and preload adjustment controls allow riders to choose the "ride feel" they like best and make the fork spongier when riding on a rough road or trail surface for a smoother, more comfortable ride"