Electric Bikes & Ebikes - Canadian Version

US and Canadian Versions of DJ Bikes

They have the same quality and specs except for 2 things: power and price.

  • Power: In the US, we are able to offer 750W ebikes to meet market demands. In Canada, we would need to comply with regulations by limiting the power to 500W. 500W is still a lot of power, so you should be able to conquer any road conditions.
  • Price: We would need to increase the price in the US by $100 because of the higher cost structure so we can still offer you this competitive pricing while sustaining the business. 


Why DJ Bikes

  • Best price for the same or similar products. Additional 5% off when you buy 2 ebikes with the code Buy2Ebikes.
  • Free shipping to US and Canada.
  • 14 days return policy (minus return shipping). We want you to fully satisfy with your purchase.
  • 1-year warranty to all bike components and parts. Quality is endorsed.
  • DJ Bikes are durable and as serviceable as possible to any repair shop.
  • Our bikes are environmentally friendly and gas free.
  • Our bikes have great styles. You will enjoy it!