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US and Canadian Versions of DJ Bikes

Many customers ask about the difference between our U.S. and Canadian models: U.S. e-bikes provide 750 watts of power, and Canadian bikes offer 500 watts. Why is this?

It comes down to government regulations. The U.S. federal government allows electric bikes to have up to 750 watts of power, while Canadian regulations limit the maximum power to 500 watts. We would be noncompliant by selling 750 watt bikes in Canada, and our customers could also be liable.

Our Canadian friends will find that 500 watts still provides a lot of power when climbing hills or facing other resistance like strong winds or rough terrain.

Why DJ Bikes?

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  • Free shipping to the continental US and Canada.
  • 14 day return policy (minus return shipping). We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.
  • 1 year warranty on all bike components and parts, and lifetime on frames. Quality is endorsed.
  • DJ Bikes are durable and serviceable by any repair shop.
  • Our bikes are environmentally friendly and gas free.
  • Our bikes have great style, providing not just a ride but an experience.