Winterizing your e-bike

We hope you live in a place that is far warmer than we are in snowy Calgary, Canada! For those who ride their bikes less often in the winter or perhaps not at all, here are our top seven tips for winterizing your e-bike:

  1. Your battery is the most vulnerable part of your e-bike. If you are driving it in colder temperatures, charge your battery more often, and never charge it when it is below freezing (0o C/32oF)
  2. For an elongated battery life, store your battery at 40% battery level. Never store your battery at full charge, nor drained. The recommended range of temperature for storage is between 5oC and 20oC (40-70o F)
  3. When storing your bike, keep it dry and protected from the elements
  4. When riding in winter conditions, wash your bike off immediately after you have been out on salt or chemically treated roads
  5. Lower your seat so that you can more easily catch yourself when sliding on ice
  6. “Fenders are your friend!” Save your clothing and gear by ensuring your fenders are properly installed and secure
  7. When riding on poor road or trail conditions, slow down. Protect yourself and others

Stay warm, and ride safely!