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Why buy an ebike?

Everyone loves bikes, and most of us have ridden them all our lives. From three-wheelers, road racing, track racing, touring, commuting to mountain biking, we just love bicycles and ride them for fun and exercise.

If hilly cities, steep ramps, extended commutes, knee or joint pain, or other factors have prevented you from enjoying cycling, then an electric bike can be a great transportation option for you, including seniors and those with physical restrictions who might still like regular or casual cycling excursions.

The concept of the electric bike is that it is pedal assisted. When you are actively pedaling, it provides assistance when you need it. The motor will detect when you are working harder, like when riding up a hill or into the wind, and automatically deliver enough power to offset the extra energy that would normally come from you. You have the option of activating this feature to be on standby, or disable it completely if you decide to go it alone.

City commuters will enjoy having the option of employing supplemental power when tired or sore, or on the way back from the office, as well as the luxury of avoiding heavy city traffic and costly parking fees, vehicle gas and maintenance, etc.

No matter what your abilities entail, an electric bicycle offers a fun way to exercise, get around, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite city. It is a gas-free, environmentally friendly product that will save you money.

DJ Bikes are enjoyable, affordable, and eye-catching. Choose your bike, and join the fun!