Electric Bikes during a pandemic

A few months ago, you probably did not know the term, but “social distancing” is now one of the most commonly used phrases in the world. Medical experts, since March, have stressed the importance of social distancing in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Cities round the world have been in lockdown, with companies now allowing their employees to work remotely from home. To flatten the curve, medical experts advise we go out only for groceries, medical needs, essential requirements and exercise. The message has been resoundingly clear: we need to keep at least 2 metres (6 feet) from each other.

It’s a good thing that Electric Bikes have not been banned anywhere, and provide a useful, reliable and cost-effective means of transportation. Electric Bikes come in handy for trips to the grocery and drug stores, or other essential needs. While the global pandemic has resulted in a sharp decline of gas pump prices, you still have to pay to put gas in your car. Electric Bikes, in harsh economic times like these, are a cheaper way to travel, especially for short distances. Imagine the savings you will achieve if you can cut down on your gas purchases for your vehicle (and probably pay less for car insurance) if you switch to Electric Bikes? The answer is an affordable (i.e. inexpensive) Electric Bike, like the ones manufactured by DJ Bikes.


These are truly tough times for everyone. Governments, organizations, frontline health care workers (who are doing a terrific job by the way!), and you reading this. The truth is, in a global pandemic, everyone feels the brutal impact and it can be devastating. Your body, however, does not need to feel the brunt of the current harsh realities. You need your body to stay healthy, sharp and alert. How can this be done when gyms are shut down? And even when you go out for exercise, you still have to maintain the 6 metres (2 feet) physical distance from everyone else. If you are a fitness enthusiast, and you need to burn calories or maintain your 10,000 steps every day, or if you are glued to your computer screen these days because you work from home and you have that feeling that you surely need to do more exercise, then you might want to consider the array of excellent products DJ Bikes manufactures.

So perhaps you are now considering buying one of those cool Electric Bikes. You are now probably wondering if we can still ship to you. We’ve had some challenges with Amazon deliveries, but the same bikes, with the same selection and service, can be purchased directly from the DJ Bikes' site. Yes, inventory levels have been impacted by the pandemic, but we have not stopped shipping bikes. We too work from the comfort of our homes. This does not affect our efficiency or determination to go above and beyond to satisfy our ever-increasing customer base. Our bikes are easy to assemble, or use a local bike shop (if open) if you need some help. And the DJ Bikes’ team are always available for phone or email coaching.