DJ Bikes announces its new Customer Referral Program! Ride, refer, and save!

DJ Bikes is excited and proud to announce its new Customer Referral Program! You have been patiently waiting for this initiative.
The background is that we wondered how to invest our marketing budget and couldn’t get past our passion for our customers. Our desire and goal are to share the success of DJ Bikes. So, we decided to build a referral program that has an immediate benefit to our loyal customer base. Win-win!
The Referral Program allows you to share your riding experience while getting rewarded. Your referrals, whether to family, friends, or strangers on the bike path, will receive a 5% discount off their order, while you will receive 5% coupon of their purchase value as your reward. If you are a DJ Bikes owner, then you can redeem the coupon as a cash back!
Click below for details. Your feedback is welcome!