What is Direct-to-Customer Price? How about Quality and Service?

What is the direct-to-customer price?

You soon will realize that DJ Bikes offers about half the price comparing with other electric bikes with similar specifications and performance at local stores or on the internet because we are the only entity between the manufacturer and customers. There is no distribution layer, retail markup or high price tag. We offer you the direct-to-customer price and want to empower you to bypass multiple layers of distribution channels to get affordable electric bikes. 

Then how about the quality control and service?

DJ Bikes designs, builds, quality checks, imports own bikes and provides full service to our customers. We understand that it will take a great service to keep your bikes running well. The owner Daniel and Jolin will be the person picking up your phones and answering your sales and technical inquiries with full knowledge and passion about the bikes and own DJ Bikes brand.

DJ Bikes has just won the title of "Amazon's Choice for Electric Bicycle". There is only ONE electric bike out of the Amazon marketplace can be awarded based on the received rating, customer reviews, and price. It is an honor to share with all our customers.