E-bike etiquette

Here are our top 10 friendly reminders on electric bike etiquette and safety:

  1. Remember that you are riding an ebike, not a motorcycle! Follow the rules of the road that non-ebikes are subject to, like hand signals when turning, yielding to pedestrians, etc. Do not ride on sidewalks!
  2. Be familiar with local speed limits and other laws that apply specifically to ebikes, and abide by them.
  3. You are an ambassador for ebikes. That means you want to positively represent yourself and the industry by being extra courteous to non-ebike riders. You are aiming for looks of envy, not anger!
  4. Do not pass other bikes, electric or otherwise, unless you can do so safely and without inconveniencing them. Offer a smile and friendly word when passing (“passing on your left… thank you!”).
  5. Be careful around motorized vehicles. They may not be expecting you to be faster than a pedal bike. Watch for car doors opening in your path.
  6. Be seen! Use lights, reflectors, etc. to make sure you are visible.
  7. Use consideration in parking your bike, keeping clear of other bikes, vehicles, pedestrians, etc. Lock your bike and battery.
  8. Avoid distracted riding! Keep your phone in your pocket, bike bag, etc. Remember that your DJ Bike battery has a USB port allowing you to charge your phone while riding.
  9. Ride with a buddy, and always have your phone (and charger) with you (while still obeying rule 8!).
  10. Always wear a helmet. It's the cool and safe thing to do.

Be safe; be seen; be courteous. And have fun while you’re at it!