DJ Bikes Team!

DJ Bikes Team!

DJ Bikes Team!

First of all, please allow me to start with an apology. For those needing services and responses and unable to reach us for the past few months, I am deeply sorry about it. This year, the pandemic has caused issues for DJ Bikes. It has driven more demand as well as caused operational disruptions. DJ Bikes has received triple service requests and sales inquiries compared to those received last year.

Now the good news! DJ Bikes has hired a few Customer Service Specialists, so going forward we can improve the quality of our service and respond to your needs in a timely manner. I am here to promise you my commitment to offer a high standard service quality.

Please allow me to introduce you the DJ Bikes' team!

Starting from the left:

Theodore: A Romanian Canadian who doesn't take any breaks while at work. This guy claims that he has assembled 30k+ bikes before and will fix anything.

Daniel: That is me. 🙂

Pearl: My dear friend with a very good heart who has agreed to be my Customer Service Specialist.

Al: A Microsoft Store veteran and a French Canadian who is also a Customer Service Specialist.

Geoff: A real gentleman who has won a Lottery Jackpot completes our Customer Service team.

Their passion and commitment match mine. We are all here for you.