I love this bike more each time I ride it

I wanted to wait until I had at least 100 miles on my bike before giving you an update (134 miles as of this morning's ride). I love this bike more each time I ride it. I'm still learning the finer points of e-bike riding in the desert, but I've already doubled the length of my average ride.
I've attached a couple of pictures of recent rides: one shows the bike in a narrow canyon, the other is of the bike on a dirt road with Hoover Dam (dimly) in the background.
Getting good pictures of my rides is difficult because I almost always ride before dawn during the summer - overnight low temperatures are usually between 30-35 C, and daytime highs are between 40 and 45 C. There really isn't any time of day that cools down.
I want to thank you again for making such a great bike available. The front suspension and spring-loaded seat make for a very comfortable ride, even over extremely rough ground. And the battery life is amazing - I use peddle-assist almost exclusively (no throttle riding), and I have ridden over 40 miles on a charge, with display showing almost half power remaining.
- by David Casey