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1. Most Requested FAQs

How do I diagnose a King Meter error code?

How do I turn the headlights on/off?

The King Meter shows an error code. How do I fix it?

Can I return my purchase? What Is Your Return Policy?

i just finished assembling the bike, but no power. The light and LCD screen have no power. Help!

What are the differences between the US and Canadian versions of DJ Bikes?

2. Other Useful FAQs

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Lost Your battery keys?

How far can I go with my bike?

Motor Serial Number / Bike Serial Number?

DJ Folding Bike dimensions?

Why do I need an E-bike?

Are the front rack as well as the back cargo rack included in the purchase price?

Do you ship to any country?

How long does it take to receive bike orders?

How do I cancel/change an order?

What are the critical components of an E-bike?

Rider height and weight recommendation?

What is the maximum speed, and how can I reconfigure it?

What is the range of the bike on one charge ?

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Are the DJ Folding Bike handle bars adjustable?

Does it come with a USB port to charge devices like my smart phone?

What parts need to be assembled on the bike?

Are the disc brakes mechanical or hydrolic?

Is the battery interchangeable with other DJ Bikes?

Any color options?

What are the tire sizes?

Are the specifications of the DJ Folding Bike the same as the RAD mini?

Does it have pedal assist, throttle, or both?

Can you overcharge the battery? Does it have an auto shutoff when finished charging?

Does this bike have Regen Braking?

Do the bikes have any horn or bell?

Is the motor geared or direct drive ?

Is the battery detachable so I can charge it in the house or office?

Does the battery have any type of anti-theft device?

How do I turn on the LED light?

Are the disk brakes hydraulic oil based brakes? If not,can one change the disk breaks with hydraulic oil disk brakes?

What are the weather conditions it can withstand? Can it handle Canadian winter?

Would this bike be recommended for gravel bike paths?

How far will it go on a single charge? I don’t see it in the specs.

What are the size and weight capacity?

Can I get one use for this model ?

Does the bike come with a charger?

Can you ride it as a regular bike, if so does the weight make it hard to pedal up grades? Can you switch back and forth from reg to ebike?

Does this bike come with the accessories it is pictured with : fenders, head and tail lights, odometer, and rear storage rack?

When we hold the front tire between our legs and hold it still, the handlebars still move from side to side. How do you fix this?

If i take this out of the USA, can i get the software that removes the speed limit?

How long is the warranty? How does the warranty work?

Can you tell me how height from the ground to the step over of DJ City Bike?

Any other color of choice?

Derailleur guard got pushed in. What now?

How steep of incline can bike travel?

How long does the battery work per charge?

Can you explain to me about the folding action of DJ Folding Bike??

Does DJ Folding Bike come with front rack as well as a cargo rack over the rear wheel?

Can it be checked on a plane?

DJ Folding Bike Weight?

New bike arrives, why can I turn on the bike?

Planning a long trip. How can I increase the range?

Does the bike get rust?

Do tires come with tubes or tubeless?

How fast does the bike go if you're just pedaling? How fast just using electric power?

How do you handle warranty or service work when needed?

Any waterproof rating to the bike?

Need help about the assembly

What classification or class is DJ Bikes electric bikes?

Folding Bike Vs City Bike. Please Advise?

Will there be any part or component improvement or update annually?

Is DJ Fat Bike the same as Rad Rover?

Ride on the beach or snowy roads?

where are these bikes made from?

Battery Maintenance